Thursday, July 29, 2010


Being a French professor of Chemistry at the University of Lille, France, Louis Pasteur has got his brilliant career. The manufacture of wines and beer was the principal industry of France where Pasteur studied the method and processes involved in order to help his neighbors produce a consistently good product. He found that fermentation of fruits and grains, resulting in alcohol, were brought about by microbes. By examining many batches of "ferment," he found microbes of different sorts. In good lots one type predominated, and in the poor products another kind was present. By proper selection of the microbe, the manufacture might be assured of a consistently microbes might be removed by heating- not enough to hurt the microbial population. He found that holding the juices at temperature of 62.80c (1450f) for half an hour did the job. Today pasteurization is widely used in fermentation industries, but we are most familiar with it in dairy industry.

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